Automotive Subsidies, Bailouts and Sweetheart Deals From the Government – Not Just in the US Anymore

Will the US hang on to the auto industry? What happens as the Euro Zone collapses and we can’t sell cars there and China ramps up production for its growing middle class consumers domestically? It appears China is poised to take it all, and the European, Japanese, and US car makers will not have the […]

Automotive Manufacturing Trends for 2012

There are a lot of interesting trends in 2012 in the auto manufacturing sector. We’ve recently noted that China is trying to cut back on foreign automakers selling in their country, putting on more restrictions. This is not good for US, Japanese or European auto makers. Indeed, due to the natural disaster in Japan with […]

Automotive Pollutants and Their Control

The internal combustion engine of an automobile generates a lot of pollutants, but the major ones are CO, NOx and unburnt hydrocarbons. The carbon-monoxide gas is present in the exhaust if the combustion (or burning) of the fuel is not complete, mainly due to insufficient air. It can be fixed in the 3-way catalytic converter, […]