4 Things You Can Do With Your Phone That You Might Not Know

What do you use your cell phone for? In addition to writing WhatsApp messages, making calls, and checking Facebook and Instagram to see what your friends have been posting, your phone can do more.

  1. Taking Pictures While Recording A Video

Every day, millions of pictures are taken with a cell phone and shared on social networks and the Internet. Short videos are also in vogue. But did you know that you can take a photo simultaneously as you record a video? You can do this either on an Android phone or on an iPhone. In the first case, tap the screen while recording the video. You must tap the icon that represents the camera shutter on the iPhone – a white button next to the main video recording button. The quality of the photos won’t be as good as you would in camera mode, but it’s an interesting way to capture snapshots of something that is happening at the time of recording.

  1. Read Your Texts (And Even Emojis)

Are you tired of spending your life looking at your cell phone screen? Because your phone can read your messages like a radio. Say the following sentence to your mobile if you use Android: “Google, read my texts.” If you already use iPhone, change “Google” to “Siri.” With an iPhone, say, “Siri, read my latest WhatsApp messages.” In addition to reading them, Siri will tell you who the message is from and what time it arrived. The most fun is how it interprets the emoticons – take the test to hear.

  1. Prevent Other People From Using An Application

If you are going to lend your cell phone to a friend or family member, but you don’t want the person to open specific applications – for example, to read your WhatsApp conversations -you can configure your device to block the guest”.

  1. Level A Bookcase

If you want to nail a picture to the wall or perfectly level a bookcase, you can also count on the help of your cell phone. On iOS, there is an option within the “Measure” app called “Level.” Just access the option and place the device on the object you want to level. When it is level, the screen will turn green. While this does not occur, the device will display the difference in level. Android does not have this native feature. But you can use apps like Bubble Level, Level with Voice, or Clinometer. In case of any issue, make use of an expert like Movical.net to fix the issue.