8 Expert-Approved Tips to Arrange Furniture in Your Bedroom 

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Whether you have a large or small bedroom, figuring out how to arrange your bedroom furniture can get overwhelming. You must keep several factors in mind like the layout of your room, functionality and your overall bedroom design

Don’t know how to arrange your new bedroom’s furniture? Fret not, we have come up with 8 amazing bedroom design tips with the help of our home experts, which will help you smartly design your bedroom. 

Go minimalistic 

The first step to having a well-planned bedroom is to embrace the ‘less is more’ mantra and only have essential furniture pieces in your bedroom that add value to your life. Before you go shopping for new furniture pieces, look at your old ones and discard any furniture pieces that don’t spark joy in you and ones which you have outgrown over the years.  

Measure & Sketch Out 

The worst thing you can do is buy furniture pieces without paying attention to the layout of your bedroom and taking measurements. Once you have the dimensions, draw out a rough sketch of where you want to place your key home furniture. This process will save you from the hassle of shuffling furniture pieces just because they don’t fit in a certain corner or look awkward. 

Focus on the bed 

The bed is undoubtedly the most essential piece in your bedroom. You will be sleeping on your bed after a hectic day and hence you must choose a high-quality bed that will help you sleep well. Invest in a bed that is spacious and comfortable for you and your family. While arranging your bedroom, first decide whether you want to keep the bed in the centre or by the window. 

Arrange the key pieces 

Once you have arranged your bed, you can arrange the rest of the extras keeping the bed as the focal point. Some key pieces to have in your bedroom are a dresser, bedside table, desk and chair. 

Invest in furniture that doubles as storage

Pay attention to storage while arranging your bedroom furniture. You can consider investing in modern furniture pieces like an ottoman or a bedroom bench, which double as storage. A pro interior design for home tip is to install tall shelves and make use of the vertical space if you have a tiny bedroom. 

Decide where you want to place your rug 

Though your bedroom rug is not a furniture piece, its placement will add to the overall aesthetics of your bedroom. Ideally, you must place your rug in a way that you get to step on it after you wake up in the morning. You can also consider placing the rug in the centre of your bedroom. 

Avoid installing a T.V 

 If you want your bed to emit a calm and Zen vibe, then we would recommend you to not install a TV unit in your bedroom while planning the interior design of your home. Let your bed remain your haven, where you rest and recoup away from chaos and noise. 

Avoid buying new furniture 

It is important that you first arrange the existing home furniture and then decide whether you want to add new furniture to your bedroom. This will save you from going overboard and purchasing a fancy furniture piece only to later realise that your tiny bedroom has no space to accommodate it. 

Remember that there are no hard and fast bedroom design rules. So, don’t hesitate to have fun and switch things up occasionally. Arranging your bedroom is no less than art. With the right planning and by going minimalistic, you can arrange your bedroom furniture in a way that makes your bedroom always look organised and chic. 

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