CNC: Advantages Of The CNC Control

A quick summary of the benefits: All machine such as large cnc machine (เครื่อง cnc ขนาด ใหญ่ which is the term in Thai) tools commonly used in mechanical engineering are now available with CNC control.

The advantages here are obvious. Incidentally, CNC stands for Computerized Numerical Control, so it consists of computer-controlled machine tools.

Advantage 1: The CNC technology enables production with very small tolerances and dimensions that human hands cannot implement.

Advantage 2: The material consumption can be optimized by reducing waste, which in the long term represents a major cost-saving

Advantage 3: Since the program only has to be written once and can then be called up at any time, CNC technology saves many hours of work.

Advantage 4: Since a lot happens behind the locked safety door on modern machines, the workplace at the machine has become much safer. Most of the accidents at work can be avoided.

Advantage 5: Switching between different work steps, programming and workpieces are very quick. Complex milling work was carried out in record time using flexible tool magazines.

The Advantages Of Used Machines

Why Buy A Used Machine? The Advantages Are Manifold And Convincing

It is not only the cost aspect that plays a significant role when expanding the machine park, even if the cost is one of the most important factors when purchasing a new machine. Fast availability is also an important aspect, depending on the situation.

While new machines are not only much more expensive to purchase, long delivery times also have to be bridged, as some of them are only produced after the order has been received. However, companies often do not have the time to wait long for a machine due to a peak order, production has to be ramped up quickly.

More Economical And Ready For Use Faster

A used machine is often a tried and tested alternative here. It is more cost-effective and ready to operate faster; it also increases a company’s flexibility enormously due to its faster availability. The low investment costs also make a used machine attractive for many companies.

The delivery times and the assembly on-site at the customer are much shorter for used machines.

Not From The Old Iron

Another not unimportant aspect is that used machines can be modernized and overhauled (keyword retrofit), depending on the offer and agreement with the machine dealer or seller.

This can be done by retrofitting software updates or other technical measures, depending on the type of machine. As a result, improved energy and power consumption data can often be achieved, a positive side effect.