dry shampoo

When you need to visit several city locations during the day, run to the office, do all your personal, family and work matters, you want to look appropriate.

In such situations, an indispensable dry shampoo comes to the rescue.  But is dry shampoo so useful, as commercials say, and how often can we use it?

An ordinary shampoo removes dirt, sweat and keratinized particles of the skin from the scalp and hair, while the main function of the dry one is to absorb grease and give the hair only a clean look. Its use should not cancel the full procedure of shampoo washing.

Benefits of Dry Shampoo:

    – Speed. Dry shampoo is the salvation for modern people. It is quickly sprayed, does not need special means for application, therefore it is suitable for emergency situations when there is no time to fully wash your hair;

    – Compactness. Now you can choose the tool of any size: large, small, medium. It is convenient to carry small size with you in a bag and to take on trips;

    – Visible effect. The result of using dry shampoo is immediately visible: the oily sheen is absorbed, and visually the hair becomes clean in Midtown Barbershop;

    – Volume. In addition, dry shampoo can cope with a greasy film on the hair, it creates a volume. This effect will especially appeal to those who have thin hair.

Disadvantages of Dry Shampoo:

   – Not suitable for regular use. It would be healthy to wash your hair once or twice a week, and on other days use dry shampoo;

   – Negative consequences. With daily use of dry shampoo, there is a risk of spoiling your hair. Locks will become more brittle, drier and begin to fall out, so do not overdo it;

   – Not for everyone. If you have seborrheic dermatitis, or psoriasis, dry shampoo can make the situation worse. Before using it, consult a dermatologist.

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