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You may be familiar with the word estrogen as it is one of the most important hormones in women. Do you know that estrogen hormones are not only present in the female body but also in the male body? Estrogen does present in the male body but in a very small amount that it is often negligible at most times unless it is linked with diseases such as gynecomastia or health conditions such as obesity. Estrogen in women not only plays a role in the reproductive health of producing offspring but also plays roles in many body functions such as the brain and the bone marrow. People facing problems with estrogen levels such as in premenstrual syndrome or irregular periods should ask a doctor what to do to treat this. In this article, we will be learning about estrone.

          You may be confused with what estrone has to do with estrogen. Generally, estrogen is divided into three types, which are estradiol (E2), estriol (E3) and estrone (E1). Estradiol is most dominant in females during the reproductive years and makes up the major form of estrogen. When a female reaches menopause, estrone becomes the major form of estrogen. Estriol is only produced by the placenta which is why it can only be found in pregnant women. Estrone and estradiol is mainly produced in the ovaries but estrone is also able to be produced by the fat tissues and the adrenal gland. Another name of estrone is E1 and it is known as the weakest form of estrogen.

          Estrone acts as the last source of estrogen. Estrone does present in women during reproductive years but it mainly acts as a repository for estrogen and will only be converted to estradiol when the body needs it. It is important for the level of estrone to be normal for females no matter what age they are and this is especially important to be normal when a woman reaches menopause. Low estrone is linked with high risk for osteoporosis, hot flashes, mood swings and low libido or low sex drive. High estrone level is linked to high risk of cancer such as breast, ovarian or endometrial. For postmenopausal women, the normal range of estrone level is between 14 to 103 pg/mL.

          In order to help women with estrone issues, there are drugs available to help improve this. Therapy of estrone is given to those approaching menopause known as perimenopausal and those already in menopause. Estrone drugs are associated hormone replacement therapy. Estrone drugs are available in two types which are oral and topical. In oral medicine, it is most common to find in forms of pills or tablets. In topical medicine, it is common to find in the form of vaginal creams or suppository. Estrone in the form of vaginal cream or suppository is usually used to treat vaginal irritation and dryness caused by the low estrogen level. Estrone in the form of oral medicine is usually used as a treatment for the many menopause symptoms. Female using estrone is likely prescribed by their doctor to use the drug after evaluation by their healthcare provider.

          There are no drugs that do not have potential side effects. However, it is worth noting that doctors will prescribe medication that brings more benefits and less side effects. Common side effects of using estrone drugs are nausea, bloating, upset stomach, breast tenderness, fluid retention and edema which lead to swelling of the limb, headaches and migraine. Other potential side effects include bleeding disorder, weight gain or loss, abnormal vaginal bleeding, liver problems, irritability and depression. Side effects of hormone therapy such as from using estrone are endless. Thus, if you experience any side effects or any unwanted effects from taking oestrogen drugs, do notify your healthcare provider. If a person is taking other medication for other health problems, they have to let their healthcare provider know before using this medication as drug interaction may occur in certain cases.

          Apart from taking estrone in the form of medication, there are actually other things a woman can do to help improve the estrone levels. The best way to keep the estrone levels within normal amounts is by taking steps way early before menopause happens. Below are what a person can do to keep oestrogen level within healthy range:

  • Eat balanced meal packed with nutrition such as vegetables, fruits, whole grain, healthy fat and protein.
  • Eat food containing anti-inflammatory effect such as salmon and avocado.
  • Regular physical activity such as cardiovascular exercise and workout.
  • Manage stress levels by practising relaxation techniques and do things that can make a person happy such as from listening to good music.
  • Have good sleep quality by sleeping on the same time everyday and making sure enough sleep as possible.
  • Consider taking supplements to fill in what is lacked from meals. This could be vitamin D and probiotics. Multivitamin should be enough if you are new to supplement.
  • Understand medication you are taking or birth control that may cause hormone imbalance.

          It can be concluded that estrone plays important role in a woman especially after menopause. Estrone drugs is available to help improve postmenopausal symptoms. These drugs should be used as directed by doctor to ensure the drugs effectivity.

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