Free ways to entertain your little ones this Spring

There are endless entertainment options for your kids available – the problem is that not all of them can fit within your budget. What can you do? 

Well, with spring around the corner (bring on the sun), here are some great ways to entertain your kids for free (or very cheaply) this spring! 

Visit a Park

Springtime is the best time to visit a park! Trees, flowers, and plants are in bloom, the sun is out and animals are everywhere to be seen. Simply bring your kids and let them explore nature. 

Watch Great Cartoons

You don’t need a subscription to get great cartoons for your kids. In fact, there are amazing free kids cartoons that we’re sure your kids will love! 

Go to the Playground

Now that playgrounds are no longer wet, or cold, it’s time to take your kids to the playground! Slides, swings, and much more – playgrounds can entertain your kids for hours. 

Make a Treasure Hunt

You can do this inside your house or outdoors if you prefer. Simply tell your kids a story of hidden treasure, give them some clues, and watch as they hunt for their prize! 

For an extra touch, you could theme the hunt and dress up together. 

Make a Movie on your Phone

Tired of watching the same kid’s movie over and over? Why not make your own with your kids as the stars! They choose their own costumes, write the scripts, and play their own characters! 

The best part? Simply whip out your phone, point, shoot, and you have a wonderful memory you can watch for years! 

Get Green Thumbs in the Garden

Given that nature is in full swing come spring, why not teach your kids more about it? Take them into the garden and have them plant seedlings, dig up soil – whatever they like. Who knows – they may end up helping you with some much-needed gardening. 

Have a Tea party

Why not host a garden tea party? Arrange a table, ask your children to invite their guests (their toys), and sit down for an afternoon of tea, conversation, and laughter. 

Go insect Hunting

Insects are fascinating to children, and they are everywhere in spring. If you have a large garden or a park nearby to your home, create a list of insects for your children to find! 

If you have a magnifying glass this will make the experience more fun. 

Make a Blanket Fort

Blanket forts are great fun in rain, hail, or shine! Grab pillows, sheets, and whatever you can find and build away! 

To take it to the next level, why not have a sleepover together in your fort? 

Make Flower Chains

If there is a park nearby full of flowers, why not go picking and make some beautiful chains! 

Final Thoughts

We hope you and your little ones enjoy these fun and free activities this spring!