How to Apply power saving technique For Saving Electricity

The best way to start saving the capital expenditure for your business is to get smart about the way you are using electricity. If you think that only the most changes are the solutions for saving electricity charges, you are wrong. There are much no-cost power saving techniques [เทคนิค การ ประหยัด พลังงาน, which is the term in Thai] that will help you to control the amount that you are spending.

Turn off unnecessary lights and gadgets

Is there any need to keep the lights on in every cubicle even after the employees have left? It is not essential to go for smart lighting. All your need is a well-managed system where the employees will turn off the lights and other appliances working in the cubicle or at the workstation before leaving the space. It won’t be much difficult as all f you switch off the lights while leaving home. So, it is neither new nor difficult.

Using natural light

When you are planning the sitting arrangements and the entire office design, you need to tell your architect, interior designer, and construction engineer to make use of the natural light to the fullest. There will be no need to use the power lights if the natural lights are sufficient to provide light for working till certain hours of the day. Image the amount you can save.

Unplug unused electronics

The laptop is showing 100% on the battery icon. Th why don’t you turn off the charging point? The mobile phone has a full charge. Then why still attach it to the charger? Standby power accounts for 10% of the average annual electricity use for the business. Unplug the unused electronics at the right time to prevent such misuse of electricity. These technicques to save power consumption will help you to minimize the power consumption.

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