How to be successful in call of duty: warzone?

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Basics of gameplay


Call of duty: Warzone is a free-to-play version of a part of the game’s main release call of duty: Modern warfare. You have to pay for the main version but can play warzone for free. It is a typical battlefield game that will involve the fights and kills of your fellow mates in a map of decreasing gas field. As the size of the gas field reduces, the person away from the field will die, and hence, there will be only one person or a team standing alive in the end. In the meantime, you would be involved in killing off your opponents; looting equipment from the dead bodies or buying them from the buy stations; accumulating cash for buying things; completing contracts to earn more cash; reviving yourself using self-revival kits; helping your mates get back from death, and much more. You can find several warzone cheats that can help you get through your game with ease. There will be two gameplay modes as battle royale and plunder. Based on your wish, you can select the type of game as well as the map you land on. There are variations of the gameplay with slight modifications and classifications based on the number of members in the game and team formation. Let us discuss some of the ways you can be successful in the game. 


Ways to be successful in call of duty: warzone


Loadout drop is vital


If you have enough cash, you can buy anything from the buy station. But you have to know what will be more helpful than low-priority equipment. You would have chosen your weapons and perks from the default loadout during the pre-game settings. But you can also get some customized loadouts in-game using the loadout drop feature. You can buy a package for $10000 in the buy station and get one loadout for your team to choose the best priority weapon matching their skills. 


Get contracts often


Money is vital in the call of duty: warzone economy to buy various things. So, if you wish to take a loadout drop from a buy station, you should have enough money to buy it. One best way to earn money is by completing the contracts in-game. There will be around five different contracts, and you can begin one whenever you want. So, if you focus on completing as many contracts as you want, it will help in your success in the game. 


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Most of the gameplay modes of the warzone game are including squads. So, you would have to play with your teammates, although you would not like to. Hence, coordination is vital, and you should try to help them at times. If you are having a lot of cash and ammo, you can help them by providing a part of them. You can also leave your armor or extra equipment for a low-equipped teammate. Once you start developing better relationships with your teammates, your gaming experience will improve.