How to Sell an Almost-New Car

Ideally, selling an almost-new car is a situation you might wish to avoid. Vehicles are highly depreciable assets, and a new car can lose about 10% of its value the moment it is driven off the forecourt. And yet, there are many reasons why you might find yourself in this position. Perhaps you purchased a car just before an unexpected move towards a more urban area where you hardly drive it anymore? Maybe a permanent change to the home office after the pandemic has removed your commute? Perhaps you just need the money? 

Whatever the reason, if you are selling an almost-new car, then you at least have the advantage of not having to worry about the condition of the car – and you can certainly expect a higher price than if you were selling an older car (regardless of how much restoration work you might do on it). Of course, almost-new cars are in top condition, and highly likely to be a currently popular make and brand. Selling is therefore not difficult, but there is certainly a proper way to go about it. 

Sell Through a Dealership 

If you seek out a reputable dealership, with the sufficient market reach to fetch the top price for your car, then you can avoid all sorts of difficulties associated with almost-new cars. Fetching the top price is no trouble for a well-connected dealership, and the fact that your car is in top condition will work in your favor. An example of one such dealership with the market reach to make the best possible sale is Cash for Cars in San Diego. Connected to a nationwide network of outlets, there is no better alternative if you are looking for cash for cars in San Diego or anywhere across Southern California. 

Beyond the necessary market reach to make the best sale, however, selling through a dealership is particularly suited to almost-new cars because, more often than not, such cars will not be fully paid off by the time they are being sold. If you decide to sell privately, this can easily scare off potential buyers, who typically want to see the title for the vehicle and have some assurance that there are no additional costs involved in acquiring the car. In many cases, the complicated set of DMV paperwork necessary to completely transfer over the liability for a car, as well as the unwillingness of certain buyers to take on any outstanding payments, could even see your car being driven around in your name by someone else. 

Helping Problems Disappear

When selling with a reputable dealership like Cash for Cars in Sand Diego though, every one of these problems disappears. With an in-house DMV department, all paperwork involved in the complete transfer of the liability from buyer to seller can be handled by the dealership. It also doesn’t matter if you have any outstanding payments on your almost-new car, as these can be reckoned up in the final price for the car. When you leave a dealership having sold your used car, you be assured that everything has been squared with the DMV and you have no further ties to the vehicle following the sale. 

In addition to all of these advantages, a good dealership will also typically offer a free professional appraisal. With access to a large market database and outlets across the country, you can be assured of the best price too. 

There are many advantages to selling through a dealership, regardless of the age, make, model or mileage of your used car. But if your car is nearly new, then it’s a no-brainer.