How Travel Vests Make Will Make Your Life Easier

Traveling is often exciting, and opens your world to new adventures–however, the fun can quickly stop if your passport, wallet, or other critical documents get lost or stolen. I’m going to share with you some tips to keep you organized, clutter-free, and in control of you important personal items while you travel. But first, let’s look at what people have been trying to do, in the past.

It used to be that “money belts” were popular for travelers trying to prevent items from theft or from being randomly lost. The problem is, money belts are something your grandma buys when she’s going on vacation in Mexico. Today, there are much better options for your travel needs.

I’m not knocking the money belt (I had one, too)–but let’s face it, that’s a very 1990’s solution to keeping your documents with you, plus, it is “touristy”.

Today, there are much more elegant ways to carry your gear with you, and still look stylish. No, it’s not a fanny pack, or another money belt look-alike.

What I’d recommend you do is look into getting yourself a nice, functional travel vest.

Say goodbye to money belts dangling around your neck, or having to dig into your waistband to pull out a few crumpled dollar bills.There’s a much better solution, and the travel vest dishes it up in style.

Not only will your travel vest carry your passport, boarding pass, ravel documents, wallet and identification–you can put a lot more items in your vest, without looking like you are smuggling anyone into the Country.

For example, the Scottevest is one type of vest on the market today–it has 24 pockets for you to store all of your items, and you can carry them all in your vest, all at once.