If You Enjoy Treasure Hunt Games Them You Might Enjoy These Online Games!

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For those of you that enjoy those exciting treasure hunt journeys, why not check out demo play or real money treasure hunting video slot titles. They are fun to play, come with a free play mode or you can bet using low, medium and high stakes! 

Video slots are now one of the most played online games via mobile and desktop devices. For more awesome slot titles, you can also sign up to Slothitz! A Thai video slot supplier that will give you a range of popularly played slot in Asia, table games, and some live casino game titles. You can grab hold of a slot bonus in Thai baht and get the choice to play slots and table games on multiple casino platforms.

Also very popular these days is scratch cards with several treasure scratch card game adventures out there. Check out these Secret Treasure and Treasure Tomb below for a full explanation on how these exciting games work.

Secret Treasure

Scratch your way into some bombing pirate action 3D scratch gaming. After you and your pirate set sail, you’ll land on a treasure island giving you the chance to gamble your way to a fortune. The jackpot prize is a 10,000x multiplier of your bet with a potential $50,000 to be won at the highest stake. Take your haul and gamble some more as this game full of pirating pilferers has some mega combination wins hidden away.

How to Play

Click on the ‘new’ option to start a new game where you’ll have nine options to unravel a series of combinations that are all worth different multiplying prize amounts. Get three of those symbols that are identical to each other and let your eyes wonder over to the right hand side of the screen to see the prize pay-off multiplier rewarded for your efforts.


The pay-outs are only activated if you land three identically matching symbols within the nine treasure chest options on the gaming area. When you get three combined symbols that are identical, you can compare this with the right hand side pay-outs chart to see what your pay-out is. 

All pay-outs are listed as multipliers of your chosen bet (see below). For example, if you are using the $0.50 betting option, and you win a combination that pays out a x200 multiplier, the maths behind this is $0.50 multiplied by 200, which equals a win of $100.00 for that combination. The same applies to all multipliers. 

For the jackpot at each stake level, your stake will be multiplied by 10,000. Therefore, a $0.50 bet pays $5,000.00, a $1.00 bet pays $10,000, and a $5.00 pays the max cash win on this game of $10,000.

Choosing your Stakes

The wooden sign on the right hand side of the screen with ‘choose bet’ painted on it allows you to sift through three different betting options. You can choose from $0.50, $1.00 or $5.00 stake levels per game.

Open All

For those of you that do not want to manually click on the nine treasure chests one-by-one, you have the option to use the ‘open all’ feature. Select this option, and all the treasure chests will open up at once revealing nine symbols. 


Auto-play means you will not be able to manually select any of the treasure chests because each game will be played one after the other in the same way as using the ‘open all’ option and according to the number of auto plays you select to play. You can play 5, 10, 25 or 50 games in a row using this option. 

Treasure Tomb

Sheriff gaming continues with its line of quality 3D scratch cards with yet another entertaining scratch and match option that takes scratch players away from the norm and mixes in a theme with a fun as well as spooky ancient Mummy concept. There are seven winning chances, and the jackpot could see you win 10,000x your bet with a cash jackpot of $50,000. The min/max bet is $0.50 to $5.00 a game.

How to Play

Treasure Tomb allows players to select seven Mummy statues from 36 different options. After selecting your stake amount, click on the ‘new’ button to start the game. You can then begin to select the Mummy statues with your mouse pointer to reveal a silver or gold Mummy hiding under that spot. 

The aim of the game is to build up as many gold Mummies as possible. The more you reveal the higher your pay-out will become. Out of the 36 options there are seven gold mummies in every game, so there is always a chance of winning the jackpot lurking within the treasure tomb. 


On the right hand side you will see seven winning multipliers. Each multiplier links up to the number of Mummies you can reveal in your session. The top prize is a x10,000 multiplier of your total stake if you reveal seven gold mummies. 

An example of how the pay-outs work with the multipliers is easy to understand. If you reveal five Mummies, the multiplier pay-out chart on the right hand side of the screen states that you will receive a x50 multiplier. Let’s say you chose a stake of $1.00, so your pay-out is $1.00 multiplied by 50, which gives you a $50.00 pay-out.

The pay-outs are said to be 91.47% on this game. Let’s hope that you get in there on the better side of the percentages to scratch off some regular wins. 

Choosing your Stakes

There are three stake options to choose from. $0.50, $1.00 and $5.00 a bet. To select your stakes use the ‘choose bet’ block at the bottom of the screen by clicking on it to sift through the three stake amounts.

Repeat Bet

To repeat your bet, all you need to do is click on the repeat button. This replaces the usual ‘auto play’ feature or ‘reveal all’ feature on other scratch cards because on this 3D scratch card you have to choose seven out of thirty-six areas, so the game can’t do this for you. This is as opposed to the usual scratch card games where you have to scratch off every option available, which the game can easily do on your behalf.