Japan Takayama Tours – Don’t Forget To Add Takayama Spring Festival In The List

Everyone wants to take a trip during this COVID pandemic situation because they are sick and tired of living in four walls for such a long time. Visiting a highly touristy spot will help to divert your mind and gives you the energy you need for that new life ahead. Now, if you want to take a meaningful trip during the spring seasons, then japan takayama tours are always the finest choices you can opt for.

This place looks absolutely brilliant and amazing during spring time. It is a great spot to enjoy with your family, friends or even when you are out on a fun little alone trip. So, before you pack your bags and book a flight ticket, you must create a checklist of the places you must visit.

Visit the Takayama Spring festival:

Here, the Takayama Spring festival is one platform that you should never miss by any chance. It has 12 floats which are crafted in the most lavish manner.

  • The floats will actually showcase the craftsmanship, which are then dated hundreds of years back.
  • This event takes place on April 14th and 15th, for signifying the beginning of the spring season.
  • It is really hard to know the first time when this festival was ever hosted, but over the course of time, it has gained popularity to the next level.
  • This is now considered to be an annual festival, hosted by Hie Shrine. It is situated in the older town area in Takayama.
  • Sometimes, this festival is rated as the Sanno-saama and so the spring festivals in this region are called Sanno Festival.

So, next time you are willing to try something new when you are planning to Takayama tour, try to get tickets for the months of April. It will help you to enjoy Takayama Spring festival at its full glory.

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