Learn and play the different versions of rummy online

When we spend time together as a family, there are a lot of activities that we engage in together. There are meals, movie nights, outings, road trips, birthdays, game nights, etc that we love to do together. The bonds in the family increase upon spending this time together and laughter, competitiveness, teaching, and other qualities make the relationship even better.

The evergreen card game – What is the best way to get all these qualities in one meeting? Game nights! A night of playing board games, chess, cards, etc with our parents and siblings results in a fun, excitement, and learning. One of the most popular and loved card games that we are taught as children is Rummy. Our families expose us to different versions of this game as they have learned from their elders. The game of cards is symbolic in the sense that it is passed down from generation.

A different version of the game – points – During festivals and occasions, families also gather together to play these games by also adding a monetary value to the game – this version of the game is called points rummy. This version of the game can get very thrilling and also heated at times since each player gets competitive to maximize their earnings. No one plays to lose, this holds true especially when there are cash prizes involved upon winning.

A different version of the game – deals – Another popular variant wherein we can play rummy for money is deals rummy. In this version of the game, a player is allocated a certain number of chips at the beginning. Each player would play with these chips using a pre-decided number of deals. The primary rules of the game remain the same as every rummy game, the difference would be towards the end wherein the chips are awarded to the players.

Understanding the rules – As a quick recap, each player starts with 13 cards in their hand and the objective of the game is for the players to make sets/sequences using all the cards in their hands if possible. One pure sequence is essential for the declaration to be valid. One can declare if they feel that they need the criteria of the sets that are to be made. The difference between the two variations is towards the end.

The difference in the two variants – In the points version, each player has to ensure that the value of the remaining cards (ones not formed into a sequence) is as close to 0 as possible. The greater the number of points, the lower one falls on the scoreboard. In the deals version, the winner receives chips from the losing players depending on their scores. The one with the highest chip count is given the prizes as allotted at the beginning of the game.

Both the versions of the game are exciting, thrilling, are fun to play, and can also instill a healthy competitive spirit with teachings of winning and losing. Who says games are just for fun? Download the app now and enjoy an enthralling night of cards with your friends and family. It is now your turn to teach the elders their game in a slightly different manner of playing.

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