Practical Solutions To Organize Your Refrigerator

Proper organization of space and order in the refrigerator is convenient and beautiful and a guarantee that the products will be stored under optimal conditions and, accordingly, will retain their freshness, benefits, and taste for a long time. To organize the refrigerator (จัด ระเบียบ ตู้ เย็น, which is a term in Thai) this is important.

Store Vegetables, Fruits, Meat And Fish In A Fresh Area

To organize the refrigerator, some models have a special section in which special climatic conditions are created for storing certain types of food. In it, they can retain their freshness, taste, and beneficial properties for a longer time. For example, in refrigerators, it is called BioFresh. It consists of two separate containers: one with a low humidity level, suitable for fish, meat, and dairy products, the other with a high level for fruits and vegetables.

Ensure Order By Placing Bottles On The Lower Balcony Shelf

If there is a unique adjustable stop on the balcony shelf of your refrigerator, then feel free to place your favorite drinks on it. Thus, you will free up the necessary space in the refrigerator compartment, and the stopper will protect the bottles from the sudden closing of the door.

Freeze Berries And Mushrooms On A Special Tray

Such an accessory is primarily necessary to organize the refrigerator for those who harvest large quantities of vegetables, herbs, fruits, and berries. The advantage of the tray is that after freezing, they do not freeze to each other and retain their original shape, which later makes it convenient to divide them into portions for subsequent storage.

For Order In The Refrigerator, Use The Foldable Shelf For Storing Large Products

With it, you can allocate more space for storing large-sized products, the height of which is greater than the distance between two shelves.

Place All Small Items In One Place

The easiest way is to place them on a closed balcony shelf with a lid. In this case, they will not be located chaotically throughout the space of the refrigerating chamber, and the order in the refrigerator will be noticeable.

Choose The Right Packaging Before Freezing

Few people think that improperly packaged food is subject to rapid shrinkage at low temperatures. To avoid this, it is necessary to use sealed packaging that maintains the original moisture level in the products and protects them from drying out oxidation and penetration of microorganisms.