Preparation tips for clearing AP exams 

If you wish to score higher on the AP exam or want to know some useful tips for clearing the exam, then read the below article for your better understanding but before, that you must know what and why AP exams are conducted? AP stands for Advancement Placement Program, usually conducted every year in May and gives an equal opportunity for the high school students to showcase their skills and stand a chance to earn college credit as well as grant placement. 

1- Start early- The first important tip in clearing the AP exam, is to start early. There is nothing bad if you complete your revision just before your exam. Having more time is always helpful where you can spend time in learning, understanding, and overcoming your shortfalls and that would have a positive response in your exams. 

2- Make a timetable- The other important parameter in preparing for AP exams is to make a timetable. The proper schedule can help you to cover the topics in the coming months instead of cramming and take too much stress. With the help of a proper schedule, you can cover more topics and make revisions on time. Also, by the time you can analyze your mistakes and get overcome throughout easily. 

  1. Do not stress, take small breaks- Practice is a key to success in life but overloading yourself with too many books and a busy schedule can make you frustrated. So, it is always advisable to practice up to a certain point and take mini breaks in between to rest the mind. 
  2. Take practice test- To be sure your practice is done in the right manner from previous months, it’s time to judge your capability. The practice test will help you know what you have learned and still remember and it helps in building stamina to attempt the exam with more speed and accuracy. Moreover, you can take a notepad to jot down all the relevant points that you miss while attempting an exam, it aids in memorizing at the time of the final exam. 
  3. Get plenty of sleep- If you will push your brain to learn more and more, even if it is not required or active at a moment, then that is your loss. Sacrificing your sleep for the preparation for AP exams is incorrect because you cannot afford to look clumsy or tired at the time of appearing in an exam. To get good scores you should feel confident in your practice and get plenty of sleep at night, and you are done. Also, when you look fresh and feel fresh then you can achieve your milestone without any hurdle.

To conclude- 

Advanced Placement program offers different courses starting from Japanese to art to literature, chemistry, etc for high school students and gave them a chance to choose the course as per their knowledge and skills. AP classes in India are also conducted in some of the schools for students of class 11 or 12. 

Therefore, the above-mentioned tips are useful and would help in your preparation for AP exams.