Reminder Of The Criteria For Choosing An Entrance Mat

The entrance mat like boot dip mats is both a mat that acts as a barrier between the exterior dirt and the interior cleanliness of an establishment. This professional flooring helps reinforce your company’s image as soon as the public enters your premises. Choosing it is, therefore, a very important step. Many models exist, and it is sometimes difficult to choose it and specially to know which carpet will be best suited to your space. Scratching, absorbent, non-slip mat: many public buildings do not know the different criteria for choosing an anti-fouling entrance mat and, unfortunately, make mistakes. For this, here are some advice to avoid mistakes and make the right choice.

When you want to invest in a professional entrance mat, it is essential to turn to an expert in flooring for all sectors of activity. To choose the right entrance mat, you must first define your needs by asking yourself the right questions: what will be its use? What is the attendance of the public in my establishment? Is it for the interior or the exterior? What is my budget? Should it be personalized? His answers will allow you to establish the first sorting among our different brands and models of rugs. Then you will need to take into consideration other criteria such as:

  • Its size,
  • Thickness,
  • Location,
  • Its material,
  • The fire classification,
  • Its aesthetics.

Consider The Influx Of The Public In The ERP 

Consider the influx of the public in their establishment. Indeed, the number of daily passes is a characteristic that will influence the choice of your carpet. Each entrance mat is different by its composition, finish, fire classification, or performance; it will be necessary to opt for a mat that resists the intensity of daily passage. An entrance mat that is not designed for heavy traffic may experience reduced longevity. This will degrade more quickly, and you will have to reinvest in a new carpet a few months after the first purchase. The goal is to keep your entrance mat for several months, so it should be chosen without haste.

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