Slotxo Fish Shooting Games

Fish shooting is a game slot xo category that is as popular as the slots category. This is because it is a game that does not use luck alone but also needs skill and play. You must practice several techniques to get good at this game. The stake will be used instead of ammunition to shoot each fish. You can test and perfect your techniques several times.

Below is a list of the Fish Shooting games:

  • Golden Toad: The Slotxo Fish Hunting: Golden Toad is an online fish shooting game with twenty-four types of fish to shoot, which can be said that each rate of fire is very low. The pay-out rate of each fish shot will vary starting from 0.10 to 0.50 to 1.00 baht. For example, if you shoot one dead stingray with a stake of 0.10, you will receive a prize of 20 baht ( the prize money depends on the odds as well). Press the price button under the picture of the gun used to shoot the fish.
  • Monster Awaken: The Slotxo Fish Hunter Monster Awaken online fish shooting game that starts shooting at only 0.50 baht per shoot. There are two types of guns:
  1. Custom shooting guns with fingers: You can shoot at both fast and slow speeds. This gun is best for shooting small fish.
  2. Lightning gun: This is a specific gun that shoots particular fish. Suitable for shooting big fish. The prize money for this fish will vary from two baht to two hundred baht. The more bets you shoot, the more you get. If you shoot dead fish, you will get more profit.
  • Bird Paradise: The Slotxo Bird paradise is a bird shooting game with odds starting from 0.50 to 50 baht. This can be adjusted to increase or decrease the investment level by pressing the minus and plus symbols. There are thirty types of birds to shoot, each with a different payout rate. For example, if you can shoot one rainbow peacock, you will receive a multiplier prize of 1,000 baht, but if you can shoot a golden peacock, you will receive a multiplier rate of 100-200 baht for the gun that is used to shoot. You have a single type, with the head of the gun that will pillow the head of the arrow. In shooting, you can have two shoot systems, both going as fast and as slow as you want.
  • Fisherman Wharf: The Slotxo Fisherman Wharf is an online fish shooting game with fish and symbols. There are thirty-two different types of shots with the lowest stakes starting from only 0.50 baht. The prize money for each fish is different. It depends on the money you wish to bet. The prize money starts from 2 baht to 400 baht or maybe more. If you shoot a fish with a special symbol as specified by the system then you will receive a large reward. In the game, you can shoot three types of guns. They are:
  1. Automatic shooting
  2. To shoot Lock-On Mode
  3. To shoot with a finger that touches the screen

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