Source Code Breach Possibility In Microsoft (MSFT)

Microsoft Corporation NASDAQ MSFT continues to examine the potential consequences of malware from the Orion software from its own systems and products. 1 Microsoft previously found “no evidence of accessing production services or customer data” as well as “no evidence that our systems have been used to attack others.”

Microsoft Declaration

In a recent blog post, Microsoft stated: “We have previously found malicious SolarWinds applications in our environment, and we have isolated them and taken them from them. However, our research has shown attempts to do more than just presence of malicious SolarWinds codes on our sites.

Regarding the breach of source code, NASDAQ: MSFT says:”[W]e do not rely on source code secrecy for product security and our threat model assumes that an attacker has source code knowledge.

The statement continues: “Like many companies, we plan our security by taking the philosophy of ‘assume violation’ and by providing a deep defense protection and controls to stop attackers as soon as they get access.

Investor meaning

The entire impact of Microsoft’s ‘SolarWinds’ infringement remains an unfolding story with its impact on Microsoft and the customers. Their impact is also evident. One reason for optimism is that Microsoft continues to study this matter very seriously and is apparently willing to be open on the effects on its own business.

the Sororate incident is an opportunity to work together in important ways, to share information, strengthen defences and respond to attacks.” NASDAQ: MSFT announces publicly. “As we learn more from our own internal investigation, and from helping customers, we will continue to improve our security products and share these learnings with the community.”

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