Strip clubs can actually help mend relationships

A lot of married people have a negative idea of what strip clubs can do to their relationships. A lot of women for instance, do not like the idea of having their husbands visit strip clubs.

For some reason, this is associated with infidelity. This could not be any further from the truth. Studies have found that instead of being detrimental to marriages, strip clubs can actually improve relationships.

Let’s start with the misconceptions…

Strippers aren’t interested in sleeping with your husband

Strippers are exotic dancers. They are not prostitutes. Strip clubs are not brothels. The reputation and the no-sex policy is one that a lot of cub owners are serious about. Not only would strippers having sex with clients (in their place of work, at least) put reputations on the line but it could risk their licenses. Strippers are only there to sell a fantasy not their actual bodies. What a stripper is most interested in is the money your husband walks in with, nothing else.  Strippers are people too, so yes it might happen that a guy meet a stripper in a club and one thing leads to another, however this is not what strip clubs encourage.

Most men don’t go to a strip club with the intention to cheat

First of all, men will cheat if they want to. They don’t explicitly go to strip clubs to find someone to cheat with. Sure, they go to look at other naked women and even subject themselves to bump and grind during a lap dance but that is just that. If your man is a cheater, he will cheat with anyone from some random woman he met at the grocery store to someone from work. However, a lot of women aren’t cheaters and they don’t go to strip clubs to cheat. Sure, there are a lot of men who find themselves running away from bad relationships and find solace in the kindness of some beautiful, sexy stranger. A large percentage of dancers end up having to listen to some sob stories from men who just need to talk.

Why do men go to strip clubs

Men go to strip clubs to feel something they can’t feel any more at home. With so many strippers playing de facto psychologists, one can argue that strip clubs can actually help relationships that are in trouble. For men in committed relationships, strip clubs can be a way to rebel, assert their individuality, explore some part of themselves that they can’t with their wives or girlfriends at home without having to feel guilty about violating trust or going over boundaries. The fact that they hide their strip club escapades does not mean anything untoward happens but because they know most women assume that men who enjoy ogling naked women have cheating on their minds.

Most married men or men in committed relationships who enjoy going to strip clubs only do so to fulfill some unmet need. Sometimes they just need to feel special because a beautiful, sexy woman is giving them the attention they need, even if that means parting with some money. Some just want to admire a beautiful, woman’s body without having to deal with body issues that a lot of women have. Society is against the objectification of women’s bodies but this can be confusing. The strip club is a safe and less confusing space for men to be just that.

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