The Art Of Enhancing The Photos Of Your E-Commerce Products

Photos of your products are by far one of the most important elements of your e-commerce site. According to a study by Packshot Creator carried out in 2013 and relayed by several media, in the eyes of consumers, the photos promoting the products are the information that most encourage them to buy, ahead of the description of the products and the customer reviews.

Never forget that visitors to your site cannot touch, smell or see the products you offer them in real life. Their only carnal` relationship with your products is through the visuals contained on your product sheets. Optimizing them is not an option, it is essential to work. It is this work that we will talk about in this article-guide. We will first see how to take a photo of your products in the best conditions. will give you some tips to optimize your e-commerce photos and boost your sales!

How To Take Photos Of Your E-Commerce Products?

To obtain impactful and quality photos, it is strongly recommended that you take photos of the products in your catalog yourself, and avoid using those of your suppliers for example (or your competitors!). Here are our tips and the different steps to take a picture of your products like a pro.

The Basics: Understanding How Your Camera Works

Digital cameras take more beautiful photos than smartphones. There is no doubt about it. Despite everything, the cameras of smartphones are improving from year to year. Some already exceed 15 million pixels. It is therefore now possible to take professional-quality photos with a smartphone. That said, it is important to understand the possibilities of your device to use it to the fullest of its potential.

Digital cameras and setting the exposure triangle

If you are using a digital camera, you should use manual mode to get the most out of it. Start by familiarizing yourself with the “exposure triangle”. It describes the three important parameters that control exposure, and therefore the quality of photos. The exposure triangle includes three variables, hence its name: the aperture of the diaphragm, the shutter speed, and the ISO sensitivity. To make very beautiful photos, you need to find a good mix between these three parameters, by playing:

  • On speed, that is to say on the duration of exposure.
  • On the opening diameter, that is to say on the amount of light passing through the lens. The larger your aperture, the more light that enters the lens.
  • On the sensitivity of the sensor to light.

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