The Best Award-Winning Telugu Films

Are you a cinema lover who wants new and old films online? If so, you are correct because many online platforms have come forward to screen Telugu movies online. So, your thirst for watching films online is now satiated by the efforts of many producers. Nowadays, many cinema technicians have been working for online movies watching. The new trend and latest generation have been interested in watching Telugu movies online when compared to offline methods. The advantages of online watching movies are more for the fans than the traditional methods. So, the demand for Telugu movies is great and massive among customers.

 If you are a movie lover and go crazy watching your favorite films online, then select the best website. There are plenty of online sites offering the features of screening online movies for the Telugu audience. Almost all the Telugu audiences in this era love are watching comedy, action, horror and sentimental films from their home. The flexibility of watching online movies is more and hence the trend will continue for a long time. Many online professionals are working for the viewers’ interest by screening new Telugu movies too. The old films of Indian languages are now available for the customers who need to watch it online. Better film quality and comfort of online movies lure many people towards it

The award-winning films in Telugu are considerably more and, hence audience taste is inclined towards classic films. Both commercial and classic films are watched online by the viewers in common. Many viewers are specifically watching classic hits of Telugu movies now. The wish of viewers is now fulfilled by online movies a lot and comfortably. Plenty of online movies are given importance by the Telugu audience nowadays due to extreme comfort. The award-winning films need leisure watching by the customers.

Aithe is a super hit Telugu thriller movie released in the year 2003. The movie was produced by Gangarajugunnam and directed by Chandra sekarYeleti. The music of the film was scored by Malik and, the songs are evergreen and mesmerizing. Even today, the fans love watching this film, and hence the popularity of the film is roaring. The film has earned good revenue and has been a lucrative project for the producer. The storyline was excellent and has been unique at the time of the release. The film has gained the applause from film critics and also given many awards

Mister Pellam is a Telugu comedy film released in the year 1993. The total duration of the film is about 129 minutes and has earned good words from the public. The direction part of the film is top-notch and, the film had a good run in the box office. Bapu sir has directed the film and produced by GawaraParthasarathi. The songs were fantastic and melodious, thereby attracting the focus of the audience a lot. The leading actors of the film are Rajendra Prasad and Aamani. MullapudiVenkata has written the story neatly to capture the attention of the audience.

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