Things To Put on Your Travel baggage preparation checklist

You must be all excited for the upcoming vacation for which you are packing the bags. But when you start packing, you feel a lot of confusion regarding the essentials to pack. Even after completing the packing, you will feel as if you have left something out. So making the checklis for packing your baggage will be ideal for the last minute check so that you don’t forget to anything that you need during the trip.

Check for passports

The passports are vital documents when you are traveling, especially abroad. It will be the chief identity proof. So don’t you forget to keep it in the hand luggage instead of stashing it in the checked-in luggage.

Travel documents

You should also check the essential documents beginning from the hotel booking details to the visas and other related documents, before leaving home. These should be in your carry-on bags, too, as you need easy and immediate access to them.

Travel light

Even if it is a long trip, try to pack as many dresses as necessary and not much extra. It is a good thing to travel light. But if you need to pack the winter garments, opt for the lightweight jackets and windbreakers that won’t add to the weight but will definitely give you warmth on the cold days.


Phone chargers are right now the indispensable part of your life. But you should also carry additional things like insect repellants if you know that there are chances of hiking through forests. The Travel baggage preparation checklist [เตรียม ของ ไป เที่ยว, which is the term in Thai] is about checking whether you have packed everything that you will definitely need at the destination, which includes ample undergarments too. Don’t forget the socks and the pair of slippers.

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