Twist Your Burger with this hamburger ricetta

Are you a burger lover and want to make your burger tastier? No need to add any sauces or seasoning, just add meat to it. If you search on the internet, you may find several recipes for a hamburger from different countries and each one is tasty and flavorsome in its way. As you know, the name Hamburger came from the German city Hamburg and it does not contain ham. Here you will find a traditional hamburger ricetta of Siberia, known by the name of pljeskavica and is a popular one. These can be made by a combination of pork, beef and lamb and can be boiled, grilled, or pan-fried. 

The required ingredients

To make this famous hamburger, you will require one pound ground beef chunk, you can use other meat as per your preference. With that, you will need half a pound of lean ground pork and lean ground lamb each. After that, take two cloves of garlic and finely chop it and a half cup of finely chopped onions. With that, you need some spices like sweet or hot paprika, salt. Along with these, you will need whole green onions and some chopped raw onions that will uplift the flavors. Lastly, the most important ingredient is the bread, if you prepare the traditional pljeskavica, you can use Lepinje or Pogacha bread or else any bread that is available to you.

Steps to prepare it

Keep ready with all the ingredients. Take a large bowl and mix all the meat, garlic, onions, salt, paprika until thoroughly combined. Remember not to overmix as it may toughen the meat. Next, refrigerate the meat mixture for a long time so that the flavors melt and the mixture becomes firm. After that, heat a skillet, grill, or boiler and by using a dampen hand, divide the meat into six portions and press them to form a thin patty. After that, cook it for about seven minutes on both sides. Serve the dish with green onions or chopped raw onions tomatoes and place them over the bread. Serve it with Siberian potato salad on the side.     

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