Using A Storage Room As A Wine Cellar

Are you a lover of good wine and would you like to have your winery? If you like oenology, surely on some occasion, you may have considered having space at home to store your wines.

To conserve bottles, it is necessary to have an ample space and proper environmental conditions. Unfortunately, modern apartments do not usually have the required space but do not despair, because you can find various alternatives designed for smaller spaces. It may be time for you to consider a different solution, such as hiring a professional rent storage (เช่าที่เก็บของ, which is the term in Thai) service.

Benefits Of Using A Storage Room As A Wine Cellar

The control of temperature, humidity and light exposure are three key factors to preserve and mature the wine in optimal conditions. The houses, in general, are not conditioned to be used as warehouses because they periodically change the previously mentioned conservation conditions.

However, when using a storage room as a wine cellar, you will have the perfect solution to keep your bottles in excellent condition, thanks to their humidity level conditioning, their constant temperature and the optimal lighting conditions.

Tips For Organizing Your Winery

  • Place the bottles in a horizontal position so that the cork is always wet and no possibility of air to leak inside the bottle.
  • Place the bottles on shelves and label up to identify the type of wine and detect sediment, if any. We advise you to order your bottles by the designation of origin or type of grape.
  • The degree of humidity must be 70%. Humidifiers can be installed to keep the environment with the necessary humidity.
  • Don’t forget that ventilation and circulation are essential so that your wine does not spoil.
  • Odors can penetrate the bottles. Therefore, keep the wine away from strong smells like paint or gasoline.

In conclusion, the rental of storage rooms is not only useful for storing belongings, but you can always have your wine bottles ready for any time of the day.