What Is Cerumen?

Cerumen or ear wax is a naturally occurring product into the external auditory canal of the ear. It may cause temporary hearing loss if produced into an excessive amount. Also, it may cause the pain in ear along with dizziness and irritation in barbershop uptown.

What Is Cerumen Removal?

Removal of ear cerumen is not compulsory until it starts to produce into excessive amount. Most people face the low production of ear wax. While on the other hand, some face a really excessive amount of ear wax which in result causes temporary hearing loss.

Maybe you are facing trouble due to that push of cotton swab deep into the ear. As we all are aware that wax buildup in-ear is the most irritating thing for which we keep finding the best ways to get rid of this. Most of the time when we are trying to clean the wax from the ear we create more issues for ourselves. The amount of ear wax in each person can be different so you don’t compare your situation with someone else. If you feel that you are suffering from more wax build-up then you must follow some proper method to get rid of this wax regularly.

Their wax is also known as cerumen. It’s time to clear the confusion that ear wax is no other dirt but it is rich in antifungal and antibacterial properties. The ear wax is responsible to protect our year from insects and most of the time from dust. But the imbalance in the amount of ear wax makes it important for a person to remove it. Most of the time excess amount of this year’s wax causes temporary hearing loss that is why the forest Hills audiology arguing uses some methods to remove ear wax. 

Causes Of Earwax Or Cerumen

Before knowing about the method you must know about the causes of excessive ear wax in a person. This straight forward causes of earwax includes

  • Any previous ear surgery or trauma becomes the reason for excessive ear wax.
  • Some sort of ear infection also causes the excessive build-up of earwax.
  • There is a possibility that wearing hair plugs for hearing aids becomes the reason for wax buildup.

Cerumen Removal Methods

Two different methods are presented to you by forest Hills audiology to get rid of excessive ear wax.  The methods are mentioned with some tips which you have to keep in mind while sticking to these. These two methods are

  • Ear cleaning drops
  • Mineral  or olive oil

Method 1: The Ear Cleaning Drops

In case if you are facing a small amount of wax then the use of ear cleaning drops can be a good method to get rid of it. It is highly recommended to use drops that are rich in hydrogen or any other kind of peroxide. It is important to mention that peroxide is Highly Effective for the breaking of ear wax.

How To Use Peroxide Drops

The solution will give you the best result if you follow this simple process of using drops

Lay Sideways

While you are about to use the ear drop to break the wax build-up you must be in a sideways position. For this purpose, you can face up to direct the drops in the right way.

Let It Set

After you pour one or two drops into your ear make sure that you are allowing the drop to sit down in the ear. If you are not allowing it to set then there is no use of drops.

Grab The Tissue

After this process when you will sit up there is a possibility that liquid came out of the ear along with the ear wax therefore you must grab a tissue to clean this mess.

Tips For You

Maybe the above-mentioned method was not proved to be effective for you. Try using a bulb syringe to put the drop into here to clean the wax. Also, keep the following guidelines in your mind while you are following this process.

  • Be gentle while you are following the drops method. Be gentle in a way that avoids harming your eardrum.
  • Don’t adapt the flushing method to clean the ear wax if you have any holes in the eardrum. Also, avoid flushing if you had any eardrum surgery in the past.

It is worth mentioning that the ear drop method is not going to help you in the case of excessive wax buildup. Also, if you are having a plug (more amount of wax than normal) then following the drop method may harm you. In the excessive ear wax, the peroxide drops makes the condition worse than before.

Method 2: Use Of Mineral Or Olive Oil

Using olive oil is not the direct solution to your problem but it makes the overall process easy. If you are using olive oil in your ear before flushing the wax, it will help you. The use of olive oil makes the wax smooth and it comes out of the ear easily.

Remedies To Avoid In Cerumen Removal

Before this, there were methods to adapt for the earwax removal. But now forest hills audiology is mentioning the methods which you should avoid. Almost all of us use the remedies to clean the ear wax at home, which can be harmful for us.

Avoid Using Cotton Swab

Let me clear the confusion that using the cotton swab removes the ear wax. It’s completely a wrong concept because it pushes the wax deeper. As a result, the removal of ear wax becomes difficult. Moreover, the harsh use of the cotton swab may damage the eardrum which is a painful situation. A damaged eardrum can cause permanent or temporary hearing loss.

Avoid Wax Removing Candles

There is a wide range of ear wax-removing candles in the market which you should not use. The professionals of forest hills audiology highly recommend the people to avoid the wax removing candles. They are just useless and even harm the ear in most cases.

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