What is halal gelatin?

The production of gelatin results from the boiling of a protein found abundantly in human and animal bodies known as collagen. But this might be the very first time when you have heard of the term halal gelatin. It represents a unique type of gelatin that has high demand among a large population of the world. The guidelines of Islam prohibit the Muslim population from consuming the meat of a pig. So if the question arises, “what is halal gelatin?” the answer is straight and simple. Any form of gelatin that does not involve pig meat or skin extraction comes under halal gelatin. The use of other meats like cow, chicken, and goat is permissible, but only if the slaughter process follows sharia law.

What are the criteria for being halal gelatin?

Standard gelatin is not permissible if you obey Islamic laws. Approximately forty-three percent of gelatin comes from either the skin or bones of a pig. Any traces of pig extract will be haram, meaning not permissible for Islam followers. According to Islam, there are two most important criteria for gelatin to come under the halal segment. Firstly, the extraction of gelatin must involve animals like cows, goats, chickens, and fish. Except for fishes, the slaughter process of all the other animals must be according to Sharia Law. The fulfillment of these two parameters will only lead to the extraction of bones and skins to obtain gelatin. 


Role of a halal gelatin

Halal gelatin is very common to low-fat dairy products like ice cream, yogurt, and buttermilk. The reason is to give a sensation of consuming melted fats in the mouth. The use of gelatin in creams and whipped creams does not only help in stabilizing their consistency but also in providing a smooth and creamy mouth feel. Preparation of various desserts involving halal gelatin makes it very fine and fluffy. It plays an important role in lowering the manufacturing cost of hard capsules and soft gels. Gelling gelatin provides resistance and hardness to the tablets and protects sensitive ingredients from microbial growth. Halal Gelatin also has wide use in the cosmetic and photography industry.