What Should You Know About Medical Epicanthoplasty

With cosmetic eye surgeries taking a dominant place, you have everything is takes to correct defects in the eyes. However, when it comes to lengthening or enlarging the inner parts of the eyes, the cosmetic procedure prevents the inner corner fold or the epicanthal fold to impair the beauty of the eyelids. If you do not prefer the Mongolian fold and looking forward to a western look, altering the epicanthal fold around the corners of the eyes may help. Moreover, people with excessively large epicanthal folds may also opt for surgical procedure to restore the beauty of the eyes. With the emergence of modern surgical techniques, you can get rid of the scar lines occurring due to the incisions.

Benefits of eye enlargement surgery

If you are still wondering whether to go for eye enlargement surgery or not, there are several reasons you may consider the benefits. With the help of medical epicanthoplasty [เปิดหัวตา, which is the term in Thai], you can mitigate the distance between the inner-canthal and allow the medial half of your eyes to appear bigger and brighter. Besides, it may reduce the creases in the eyes and prevent them from looking fatigued and change the direction of medial canthus to stop the eyes from appearing slanted. Usually, the surgery takes place in an outpatient facility and may continue for about thirty minutes and go up to an hour. The eyelids may appear inflamed and bruised after the surgical procedure but may recover within two weeks.

Undergoing the procedure

Can you undergo the epicanthoplasty procedure? Yes, anyone who prefers opening the eyes wider may undergo the surgery. However, people of both sexes ca undergo the surgery when they have good health and have clearly-defined and properly developed epicanthal folds that may disrupt the normal shape and appearance of the eyes. Furthermore, the surgery also helps in improving the look of an individual. People who smoke need to discontinue the habit for three weeks before the date of the surgery.

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