What To Do When A Neighbor Has A Dovecote On The Porch Of A Condo?

The situation you describe to us is not as rare as you might imagine. The use given to the balconies is very varied, and the use of space to keep animals is every day.

We are confident that the inconvenience caused by the loft is excellent; in addition to the smell and dirt, it prevents you from carrying out daily tasks, such as hanging clothes, and can be a risk to health and public hygiene, with the transmission of diseases.

We advise you, first of all, to talk to your neighbor and try to get him to give up having pigeons on the porch. If your appeal is ignored, you will be able to report the situation to the local authority, as many have programs to control the pigeon population.

With the complaint made to the city council, a joint inspection will be carried out by the health delegate and the municipal veterinarian, where the conditions of the place will be determined.

Afterward, and if the hygienic and health risks are confirmed, your neighbor will be notified by the city council and forced to remove the loft from that location. If this decision is not respected, the joint owner may incur an administrative offense and, consequently, a fine.

Rules For Carrying Out Works

When moving to a new space, it is common to want to do work to adapt the spaces to your needs. But this can be a sensitive point within the condominium rule like in condo near Blue Line MRT (คอน โด ใกล้ รถไฟฟ้า สาย สีน้ำเงิน which is term in Thai). Check the guidelines for carrying out works, such as days and times allowed; after all, excessive noise can bother other residents depending on the case. 

In some cases, it is necessary to ask the manager for authorization to inform the other residents so that everyone is already prepared. Also, be aware of the changes you will make; things that change the facade and de-characterize the condominium may not be allowed; this even includes entrance doors and air conditioning installation. If the property is rented, attention is doubled, and any change must be communicated and authorized by the owner.